BIO Bill Smith

Bill has been in the securities industry in Birmingham, AL since 1998 and has broad experience in wealth management, insurance and investments. He believes that honesty and integrity are the most important ingredients to success in life. He is very proud to be an approved member of the National Ethics Bureau.

Personal Story

Over time, I became frustrated with large financial corporations limiting the financial solutions available to my clients. So I founded Bill Smith Wealth Management with the goal of helping to maximize opportunities available. Bill Smith Wealth Management is a truly independent financial services company. I am not beholden to any company. I do not have any sales quotas to meet or additional product sales requirements. This allows me to focus all of my energy on meeting your specific financial needs. Your best interest is what matters to me.

I have been a licensed financial advisor, servicing clients in and around Alabama since 1998 and I have been in the financial services industry since 1988. I hold the professional designations of Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES). I earned both Bachelor of Science (BS) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from The University of Alabama. I have successfully completed the Series 65 Securities Registration and I am fully licensed by The Alabama Department of Insurance. I am an investment advisor representative and a fiduciary.

I will personally meet with you to learn about your specific needs. Together we will structure the plan so that it is specifically designed for you with the goal of helping you to maximize your long-term performance while protecting your principal. I work with clients with small or large portfolios. Please give me a call at (205) 206-4528 (office)  so that we can arrange a time to meet that is convenient for you.




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